My life is going very well now compared to the past few years yet I’m not completely happy.  Have you ever received everything you wanted and need yet still feel unsatisfied. Is it possible that I’m so used to having chaos in my life that now things are calm I’m unable to cope.

Up until four months ago I was living at home after moving back to the islands. My mom and I were arguing over everything and it was just frustrating so I made my plans to move out. 1. get my car 2. find an apt 3. move the hell out. All three things were accomplished but now that I’m on my own I feel there is a void in my life. I know it’s because despite the arguing my mom and I are very close and not having her right there to talk to when I get home is something I’m not use to. So this part of my unhappiness I understand.

I’m currently in the most stable and drama free relationship of my life and I’m bored to death. He is loving, supportive in his own way and wonderful with my daughter. In our relationship all aspect of it is fine but we could do better in the communication area but for the most part we get along great. So what the hell is my problem? I don’t know yet why this relationship isn’t as satisfying as it should be but when I find out I will let you know.

I have my own space fully independent, I have a wonderful job that I love and I have a loving partner yet I feel no joy. I wonder if anyone else feels like this sometimes?

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