Life Ain’t EZ

Well “when it rain it pours” as the saying goes. Someone broke into my car last weekend and trying to find the replacement glass has been stressful. To replace that small stationary glass that is basically there for style will cost me between $300-$630 depending on whether I want a new or used glass. This has been my fear ever since I moved on my own and realized my savings were depleted. A mini emergency comes up and I don’t have the funds to cover it. Just when I get off my lazy butt and started putting forth effort to build back up my savings I get this setback. This is why I’ve dumped procrastination as my friend it just leads to more trouble.

Obviously, I’m going with the cheap used glass because trying to find the funds for a brand new one is not possible now. Unfortunately and against everything I know I will  have to pay a bill or two late to come up with half the funds and my boyfriend will pay the rest. This is an expensive lesson to learn why it’s so important to save.

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