Money Woes

It’s been a rough few weeks. I already told you about my car being broken into which cost me $444.70 to replace. Afterwards my monitor and computer went berserk and that cost me $299 to replace my monitor and do a temp fix for my computer but eventually I will have to get a new one. Finally I had to replace two tires which cost me $266 and eventually I will have to replace two of my rims because they are starting to corrode. So in the last few weeks I’ve spent a total of $1009.70 and I am freaking out. Once I pay rent and utilities this weekend I will literally only have $242 left and I still need to get groceries and put gas in my car. More than ever I need to get serious about rebuilding my savings because I refuse to continue living paycheck to paycheck and stressing myself out wondering how to pay for everything.

This whole experience has me wondering if moving out of my mom’s house was a good idea. I love the independence but seriously hating on the money issue. I know I’m tripping because when I lived in the states I had to struggle financially before I got to my comfort zone but I was able to do that by working two part-time jobs which was possible because I was childless. Working part-time is not possible now that I have a child because we only have limited time together during the week. By the time we get home from work and school it’s helping her with her school work and cooking dinner then off to bed. On the weekend its swim class and house cleaning on Saturday which only leaves Sunday for us to really have quality time and do things together which I will not give up just to get more money. Some how I will figure out how to make extra money without giving up my time with my daughter.

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