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As I said before I’m not happy about how my locks are doing and I needed to see a dermatologist. I already had an idea of what the problem was but she just confirmed it for me. I have a slight case of traction alopecia which results from wearing your hairstyle too tightly. The condition results from any hairstyle being worn so tightly that it actually pulls out the hairs from the roots. The hair can grow back but you usually have to stop wearing your hair in the style that is causing the issue. I’ve already stopped going to my stylist because she should have known what was happening especially after I told her the space between my locks were getting wider every time I visited her. Also I will be palm rolling my hair instead of latching since that’s what I was doing on my own and didn’t have this problem so it’s safe to say I won’t run the risk of locking my hair to tightly.

Now that I’ve taken steps to correct the hair loss my next move is to bring some life back into them. They are looking so dull and dry and it’s my entire fault. I felt so depressed about the hair loss that I didn’t take care of them like I should. I would wash it and that’s it. When you have locks conditioning them is the key to keeping them looking healthy.

Today I made sure to wash them with a non-sulfur shampoo then I put in a conditioner for dry and damaged hair and left it in all day. After I washed out the conditioner I sprayed my hair and scalp with some oil, palm rolled them with mango and lime gel and set them with my hair dryer. With just this one treatment today my locks look so much healthier. I’m going to make sure I do a deep conditioning treatment every weekend so they can keep looking great. I also want to use more natural products on my hair to avoid product build up so I’m going to start making some of the homemade conditioners and leave in treatments I’ve read about in the book Thank God I’m Natural.

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