The Real Me

Tell me why you can’t accept me as I am. Seems like I’m asking that question a lot lately and I’m not getting a reasonable response, however, I realize I’m partly or completely to blame. In every relationship I’ve been in I tend to be the one to compromise and try to mold myself into what they want me to be. In the end I get tired and resentful and start to  reveal myself which  causes problems because the person is use to me backing down and given in to what they want. When I start voicing my opinions, needs and wants it changes the dynamic of the relationship. I’ve already conditioned my partner into thinking the relationship is all about him and now when I’m trying to make it about us its to late and the relationship ends because I’ve changed when I was actually starting to be myself.

I’ve repeated the same mistake with this relationship by being complacent and giving in just to avoid arguments. I’m pass my pressure point and now I’m just being me and it’s been a rough transition. I have apologized to him for basically pretending to be so agreeable when I’m not and let him know I have no intention of going back to being a yes girl. For now he is trying to adjust but he has a real I am King personality so it hasn’t been easy but life never is.

Why are we so willing to change who we are to be in a relationship? It would make more sense and reduce stress if the other person gets to know and fall in love with the real you instead of an imitation.

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