To Lie or Not to Lie

Some job seekers may think its ok to lie just to get their foot in the door but those lies can and do come back to haunt you. The top items job seekers mostly lie about are their job responsibilities, skills and educational background. Companies are aware job seekers do this which is why they now have pre-employment test and the verification process has been extended to more than just verifying where you worked but what you actually did there. If you get past the interview stage you may think it’s not a big deal to embellish these areas but it can cause a problem when you start the job and have no idea what you’re doing. If the company doesn’t fire you they have to spend extra time and money training you on the skills needed instead of just showing you their process. Time equals money so the company is losing money when they do this and now they don’t view you in a positive light which can make your working environment extremely hard.

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Child Support

It’s not what your thinking. I was just sitting here stressing about the financial cost of raising my daughter on my own and was wondering what life would be like if her dad wasnt such a bum and helped out financially. As I sat here feeling sorry for myself I had a flashback as to what life was like when we were together and even though he did supply financial support when he felt like working I still felt like I was a single parent. I couldn’t figure out why I had felt that way and then it just hit me I’m stressing about money but that’s the only thing and in actuality its a minor thing. When I was with her father he really was never around much to give her or me that emotional and physical support. He mainly acted like a babysitter who just wanted to get paid and get on with his real life. Getting him to stay home with her when she was sick was like trying to fit a bowling ball through the head of a needle. I could never work late or sign up for any projects that would cause me to get home late because my phone would be ringing off the hook with him trying to find out when I’m coming home. Simply things like taking her to the park was always a rushed event because he had somewhere to be. I still had to do everything for her by myself  and was always physically and mentally drained.

Being a single parent has provided me with a better child support system because now I have mental, physical and emotional support even financial support if I really need it. I don’t have to worry about losing my job because I have to stay home with a sick child, if I have to work late now it’s never a problem because I simply call up her grandmother, godparents, aunts, uncles etc and someone is always willing to take her. When the stress of being on my own gets overbearing someone from that support system once again steps in and takes her for the day or weekend so I can have that alone time to rejuvenate and get back on my supermom beat. Family time is never a problem because someone always has a birthday or its a long holiday weekend so everyone pitches in to make it a weekend packed with kid friendly activities and no one is in a rush to leave. So I just need to remember when things seem hard money wise that overall life is way better without that financial support from him because I have what people really need a strong support system to keep you from going insane and help make my child feel and know she is well-loved. Don’t know where I would be without my child support team.

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