Re-evaluating My Life

I havent been on here in so long i don’t know where to start. so many changes have happened to me in such a short few months that I had to take step back and then decided to start all over again. I moved in with my boyfriend that lasted all of two months, was able to get pregnant and now I’m back home with my mom. the best part of this situation is  my pregnancy it’s what has kept me sane and focused. my pregnancy helped me decide to move in with my mom because the stress of living with my boyfriend was affecting my health and I would need the help as my pregnancy progressed and I would be able to save my money for when I went on maternity leave.

Since I’ve been home I’ve just been trying to figure out what I need to really be happy. I think and hope with me starting over basically from scratch will lead me to where I really want to be. I need to first make a list of the things I need in life and the things I want that will enhance it. I’ve already reduced my internet time to school, work and research for my daughter’s school projects. I realized I was spending too much time on the computer doing nothing constructive. I also know I definitely want to start another side business I really enjoyed doing my own thing and making that extra cash. My daughter has showed an interest in jewelry making so a mother daughter venture may be on the horizon.

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