Almost There

I have about six weeks to go before it’s time to meet my new baby and I can’t wait. I do think my daughter might be more excited than I am she marks off the days on her calendar & lets me know every week how much more weeks I have to go.  So far I have been able to save a little over $2k and that is more than I will need to cover my expenses while on maternity leave. I still haven’t decided what to do about my living situation once I have the baby. For now I’m taking six weeks maternity leave and will be staying with the baby’s dad for the first three then back to my mom’s house.

I didn’t call him my boyfriend because since I moved out last year we never discussed our relationship or if we even wanted to be in one. We have just been focusing on making sure I have a healthy pregnancy because we had a few scares in the beginning. I know once I’m there for those three weeks we will have to discuss it but for now we are just simply ignoring it.  This is definitely not the mature thing to do but we were told to avoid unnecessary stress for the health of the baby so that’s the way we are doing it for now.

For now things are going good I’ve finished my fifth semester of college but I’ve postponed enrolling for the sixth until  I get my schedule set with the new baby and the added responsibilities. I’ve also decided to try to tackle a part-time job but no guarantees on that just yet I’ll have to see what’s available when the time comes.

Have a blessed evening 🙂

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