When Love is Not Enough

What do you do when the person you love is no longer the person you want to be with? How is it possible to still love someone but prefer not to be with them? So many people are in bad relationships and when you ask them why they stay the clichéd answer is always “because I love him or her” but what makes me different? Why is it not enough for me? So many questions like these swirl in my mind daily. The answer is quite simple I just refuse to be unhappy in order to be in love. Sounds weird but that is the truth.  Love can’t hide his anger; make me forget his lack of respect for my feelings; his attitude that the way he does things is always right or his attempts at cheating. For me to stay with someone there has to be love, mutual respect, mutual compromise, faithfulness and good communication. Our relationship was completely one-side and I was bearing the load. Everything was always my fault. I’m always the cause of his anger. He’s always unhappy around me and can’t think of any time when he was happy with me. The only positive thing he has ever said is I have a nice body. When I say let’s break-up all of a sudden things aren’t so bad and I’m being too drastic and not willing to fight for our love. He’s looking for his perfect relationship forgetting all relationships consist of two people and their needs not just his. Two years are enough for me I can’t and won’t waste another year trying to get him to listen at this point I just want to be free.

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