Women in Relationships are Indentured Servants

When we enter a relationship we try to be everything our partner wants and needs while pushing our needs to the side. We alter ourselves into the image our partner wants us to be and end up forgetting who we were. When a woman enters a relationship, no matter how educated or professionally successful she is, part of her disappears which makes her an indentured servant to the relationship and not an equal partner. Some may object to the words indentured servant but think about it. Indentured servants were under contract to work for another over a length of time in exchange for travel to a new land or to learn a trade. Women do the same thing. We work in the relationship for a several years in hopes of attaining marriage. The problem is when women get married they assume its ok to be themselves once again however they fail to realize that their partner doesn’t know that person. He only knows the indentured servant who always said yes to his needs/wants. This is why we always hear men lament and say she’s changed since we got married because you have and you’re no longer the person he married. For you to now try to assert yourself and become an equal is a shock to him and grounds for divorce. When you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t have to push your needs to the side to please your partner. You should be able to give him what he needs as well as tell him what you need in return. What sense does it make to stay in a relationship where none of your needs are being met but you continually strive to meet your partners need with little to no appreciation for your effort. Relationships are supposed to be about mutual respect, faithfulness, compromise, acceptance of each others imperfections and the ability to try to please each other equally. If you can’t be yourself in a relationship then that’s not the person for you.

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