Moving Sucks!!!!

Who takes a month to move in to a new apt? I do! I hate to move. It’s the only time I realize how much shit I’ve accumulated and need to get rid of. I feel like I’ve been packing for years and there is still a bunch of crap that I’ve left at my mom’s house. I need to start living a minimalistic lifestyle and only buy what I need and will be used in the near future. Ha! I’ve said that before but I’m sitting her looking at a snowman shaped pancake pan that I only used once, three measuring cups in plastic, chrome and glass, a cookie press that has never been opened, tons of candle holders; I love candles but if I was to actually use all these candle holders my apartment would be brighter than the sun. The list could go on but I’m to ashamed to list anything else.  So now everything is packed and in my new place and I’m wondering where is all this stuff going to go. I should have a yard sale I know I could get top dollar for some of these unopened gadgets and put a little extra cash in the kids accounts.

I know you’re saying why is this girl rambling on about moving. It’s because I’ve finally moved out and once again I mentally feel like an independent adult. Living at home because of another failed relationship and stupidly giving up my first apartment had put a major black cloud over my heart and mind, shook my self-confidence and caused me to question all my decisions. Just being able to turn the key in my own door has giving me back my confidence. Maybe I don’t hate moving after all.

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