Body Image

After being diagnosed with uterine fibroid, having miscarriages, two kids and ligation my body no longer looks the same. I have gone from being very proud of my body & having no qualms about being naked to hiding it even from my kids. I abhor looking at myself in the mirror and seeing my stomach with all the stretch marks and loose skin. It’s not about weight loss because I’ve lost all the baby weight I wanted to lose; it’s what to do about the loose skin that never gets tightened no matter how much crunches I do. I also have to deal with the bloating from my fibroid that happens a few weeks before I get my menstrual cycle. I end up looking three months pregnant and it’s embarrassing when people ask if I am. The fibroid can’t be removed because it’s not a danger to my health; if I want to do it the insurance wont pay for it because it’s an elective surgery and I don’t have 5k just lying around to pay for it. This whole body image has me so depressed and it’s so hard to shake it off. I used to love exercising but now with the kids, work and school I always feel too tired to do it and since I’m not seeing the results I want I just give up. This is not like me I’m usually able to pull myself out of this funk but I just can’t seem to do it.

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  1. You sound like a lot of other women I know out there. It’s so hard somedays, I just sit still because that’s the only thing I can control at that time. My thoughts (with all the sisterly love in the world)…stop focusing on how your body looks ( I know it’s hard!!).

    Our children watch us and pick up on all of our insecurities. What else could you focus on? There’s strength in numbers, is there a uterine fibroid discussion group online? You need to feel that you’re not alone. I don’t have the condition but you’re not alone.

    • Thanks for the sisterly advice 🙂 I am trying to focus on the fact that I’m healthy & accepting my new body because I don’t want my daughters growing with any hangs up about their bodies because of me.
      I’ll look into finding an online groups; I don’t know why I never thought of that before its such a good idea..thanks for taking the time to comment I appreciate it 🙂

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