Tattoos Should Mean Something

I was on vacation in Florida this week and everywhere I went someone male and female were sporting tattoos. I love tattoos so I stopped and asked about them and the meaning or reason they had for getting it. Some people had good reasons but the majority just did it because they felt like it and some regretted it because it really didn’t reflect who they are. Everyone is so quick to get a tattoo without knowing why. There is no meaning behind them just the urge to follow the trend.

I have two tats, about to get a third, and they both have strong meanings for me. My first tattoo is an Ankh created out of thorns. The Ankh represents rebirth and the torns represents the hardships of my life. So this tattoo is stating that out of all the bullshit, heartaches and mistakes I was able to come out a different and better person. My second tattoo is a heart with roses and my first daughters name in it. My mom always jokes and asks if I got it because I’m afraid I won’t remember my daughter’s name. I did that one because when I had my daughter she showed me what true selfless love really is; to love someone and have them love you back and not expect anything in return is such a beautiful experience. She brought beauty to my life when it was filled with utter darkness and hate. My third tattoo will be a butterfly with my second daughters name in the wings and it will be sitting on one of the roses. This tattoo means to me that with every change in life comes something new and better.

I would like it if everyone would just stop and think about why they are getting a tattoo is it just for show or to represent who they are or a specific situation or person in their life. You have to live with them forever unless you can afford to remove them so please choose wisely.

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