How Do I Make it Through the Day

I’ve had unbelievable highs and lows – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like giving up. Everything seemed to go wrong and it left me feeling hopeless. It left me feeling like I couldn’t do anything right.

However I’ve always managed to pick myself up and keep going. In the beginning there was this little voice in my head which said “this is your ONE & ONLY life, God did not intend for you to live unhappy”. I now have two precious little angels who give me the added incentive I need to get up each morning.

I’m grateful for that little voice & my angels, because it really has kept me holding on, but sometimes finding the strength and courage isn’t easy. So this is what I constantly tell myself:

1. Believe in yourself & have faith in God—you have to choose to believe that god has given you the tools you need to succeed in life.

2. Acknowledge & accept that life is not a movie, bad things do happen & sometimes there is no happy ending, it’s a part of life; give yourself five minutes to throw a pity party then move on.

3. Take time for yourself; #stress can kill you; always take some time to just relax, de-stress & detox from all the negatives that were thrown at you this week; give yourself some time to recuperate.

4. Always have HOPE & be Grateful!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this and what keeps you motivated. I think it’s so important for us to talk about this and gain strength from each other!

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Where Have I Been—-In Therapy

I pretty much hit rock bottom and the thoughts of suicide were becoming overwhelming. With two young children and no stable fathers in the picture I decided it was finally time to seek help. I have been seeing a therapist during my absence and its a very strange situation. I’m thoroughly against going on medication so we are doing talk therapy and trying to re-train my brain (as I refer to it) into processing situations as they happen and dealing in the present instead of trying to think 20 steps ahead and all the outcomes being worst than the last, in my mind that is.

Like I said it’s a struggle and I’m realizing a lot of the past that I buried deep in my mind has been severely affecting my present. I guess ignoring shit isn’t a legitimate way to deal with hurtful situations. I’m being forced to evaluate my irrational fears of inadequacy and failure and embracing the fact that my life isn’t as horrible as I constantly think it is. this is in hopes that I will not turn minor setbacks into tidal waves that lead to suicidal thoughts. My therapist suggested I find an outlet for my stress which is why I created my Facebook page. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I use it as a way turn my situation into something positive. Writing a positive post strangely causes me to feel better so I’m sticking with it until it stops working. I’ll post some of my post on here as well so I can hear from all of you.

Wish me luck because I have a very long way to go.

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Learning to Choose My Words Wisely

As you seek to grow and lead a more #positive life it is important to be aware of the words you speak and write. I have regretted things I’ve sent in a text and wished I could take back something I said. Words can influence your mood, heal or break relationships, provide comfort or despair, give advice or add fuel to the fire. There are so many positive ways for us to use our words but sometimes our feelings get in the way.

Sometimes we need to step away from a situation and take our time before we respond. This is easier said than done which is why we have to practice doing this until it becomes a habit. When you wait to respond to an emotionally charged situation you will end up giving a much wiser, calmer and more respectful response; this will make sure the person understands what you are saying and how you feel.

When you respond rashly and negatively the other person NEVER hears or understands what you are saying because they are to busy yelling back.

Some of the wisest people speak less and listen more.

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Learning to Speak Positively About Myself

There are too many people in this world speaking negatively about you so there is no reason to add your own voice to the mix. The way you speak about yourself does affect your life.

Your circumstances whether negative or positive does not define who you are they’re just pieces of the puzzle. Stop saying and thinking you are not smart enough, talented enough, attractive enough or good enough. You are all those things and more stop blocking the blessings God has for you.

If you say negative things about yourself and the people around you agree with you then its time to change your circle. You need to surround yourself with people who breathe life and encouragement into you. If you are constantly in a somber mood when you’re around someone it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship.

Negativity attracts negativity & you cannot lead a positive life if the people in your circle are not on the same journey.
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Learning to Make Myself Happy

You must be committed to your own happiness…oftentimes we look to others to make us happy & are constantly left feeling disappointed when they can’t..we keep forgetting the only one who truly knows you is you so its our own fault when we are unhappy….we cannot put our happiness in someone else’s hands & become upset when it doesn’t meet our standards if we do nothing to achieve it ourselves..we must learn what makes us happy then pursue it…a happy life is not given to you, you must work for it

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‪‎I’m Still Learning‬ how to Stop Play the Victim

It took some time and I still back slide but I’ve learned to look at myself when relationships don’t turn out the way I want them to. I’m always quick to point out the other person’s flaws & mistakes without looking at myself to see how I contributed to the failure of the relationship. You can stand back & think/say you did everything right but truth is you didn’t. It takes two to make a relationship work & fail.

Some of my flaws are I don’t speak up right away when someone over steps my personal boundaries but when they call me out for my misstep I pop off & list everything they’ve done to me catching them off guard & unable to defend or apologize for the offense because they have already forgotten about it… I find it extremely hard to forgive which is a death sentence to any relationship… I’ve been single too long & sometimes I just don’t want to compromise or put forth the effort.. I stay in the relationship way past it’s expiration date.. I fall for men who are unavailable whether emotionally, mentally or physically… I’m too damn independent & sometimes forget to let the man be in charge

We all do something to cause our relationships to fail we just choose to ignore it but I challenge you to be real with yourself, stop playing the victim, own up to the bull we dish out & make efforts to change so the next relationship will be the best & the last.

I have a page on face called I’m Still Learning. This is where I have been posting lately.


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