‪‎I’m Still Learning‬ how to Stop Play the Victim

It took some time and I still back slide but I’ve learned to look at myself when relationships don’t turn out the way I want them to. I’m always quick to point out the other person’s flaws & mistakes without looking at myself to see how I contributed to the failure of the relationship. You can stand back & think/say you did everything right but truth is you didn’t. It takes two to make a relationship work & fail.

Some of my flaws are I don’t speak up right away when someone over steps my personal boundaries but when they call me out for my misstep I pop off & list everything they’ve done to me catching them off guard & unable to defend or apologize for the offense because they have already forgotten about it… I find it extremely hard to forgive which is a death sentence to any relationship… I’ve been single too long & sometimes I just don’t want to compromise or put forth the effort.. I stay in the relationship way past it’s expiration date.. I fall for men who are unavailable whether emotionally, mentally or physically… I’m too damn independent & sometimes forget to let the man be in charge

We all do something to cause our relationships to fail we just choose to ignore it but I challenge you to be real with yourself, stop playing the victim, own up to the bull we dish out & make efforts to change so the next relationship will be the best & the last.

I have a page on face called I’m Still Learning. This is where I have been posting lately.


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