Learning to Choose My Words Wisely

As you seek to grow and lead a more #positive life it is important to be aware of the words you speak and write. I have regretted things I’ve sent in a text and wished I could take back something I said. Words can influence your mood, heal or break relationships, provide comfort or despair, give advice or add fuel to the fire. There are so many positive ways for us to use our words but sometimes our feelings get in the way.

Sometimes we need to step away from a situation and take our time before we respond. This is easier said than done which is why we have to practice doing this until it becomes a habit. When you wait to respond to an emotionally charged situation you will end up giving a much wiser, calmer and more respectful response; this will make sure the person understands what you are saying and how you feel.

When you respond rashly and negatively the other person NEVER hears or understands what you are saying because they are to busy yelling back.

Some of the wisest people speak less and listen more.

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