What I’m Learning in Therapy – To Make Better Decisions

Nearly every problem you face is temporary but it may not seem that way when we are going through it. Temporary problems can cause immediate & long-term pain which causes us to make irrational & unhealthy choices that is not in alignment with our beliefs or character.

One way I’m learning to make better long-term choices, that will resolve my short-term situation, is simply by stepping away from it & giving myself some time to think.

The idea behind this is to make better decisions by ensuring my behavior matches my beliefs. I think about my immediate reaction & what long-term effects it may have. I ask myself will I be able to respect myself if I do this? Is this in line with the type of person I want to be? Will I regret my actions? If I answer no to any of these questions then I know I have to come up with a better solution.

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The Challenge I Faced in Trying to be Grateful Each Day

At the beginning of the week this was hard but not difficult to do however I definitely reached a road block today. It took me hours to come up with a post I almost decided to quit completely but having to force myself into finding the good in a bad day helped me to gain a different perspective on the entire weeks events & how I responded to them. I realized I was letting the negativity from the previous days cloud my thoughts for today which is why it was difficult to come up with a post. I realized I was trying to ignore the negative and just focus on what was good but i realize that’s not what is meant by being grateful. You have to accept bad things do happen but focus on the good & allow it to balance out the negative aspects of life.

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