In There Time


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Be Mindful of the Company You Keep


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Dare 2 Be You


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It’s OK

Its ok to let go of that person who does not enhance your life, respect you, love you, or honor you as you do for them….do not give your soul to someone who will not appreciate the sacrifice

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Know your worth!

You deserve honesty. You deserve transparency. You deserve someone who respects you enough to never lie to your heart. You deserve appreciation. You deserve loyalty. You deserve someone who would never abuse your trust. You deserve love. You deserve someone who would still be there for you even when everyone else has walked away. You deserve someone who’s real. Never settle for less. Written by Trent Shelton
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Let Go of What You Cannot Change

You cannot change people. If you base your peace and level of happiness on the attitudes and actions of others, you will find yourself consistently disappointed. Do not allow the things you cannot change (people) to become a source of unnecessary frustration and negativity in your life. You can speak up for yourself and not allow the behavior to be directed towards you or around you but you cannot stop the person’s behavior. Definitely set clear & specific boundaries with the people in your life. For example, I don’t permit “drama” in my life. I do not allow people and situations that are negative into my life. I just don’t have time for them, shoot I have plenty of my own. When I am being pulled into such situations I make it clear that certain conversations, situations and actions are not acceptable to me and I won’t take part. Set what boundaries you need to in order to keep peace and serenity in your life.

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Loving Me & Putting Myself First

If we go by what the bible states Eve was created to be Adams companion so basically women have a biological urge to be with someone however I believe we often let that urge coupled with sexual tensions over power our good sense & engage in unhealthy relationships. We want love so badly that we lower every thing about ourselves; our standards, self-esteem, self-respect & forget to love ourselves not realizing by not knowing our own worth we prevent other people from knowing it as well. The first person to show you love & respect is yourself. People learn things by seeing & doing do so we must love & respect ourselves so the person we allow in our lives knows what they must do to be stay in our life..its ok to put someone else’s needs ahead of yours as long as you don’t forget your own. Just my humble thoughts & observations as I learn to show myself love & respect.

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This Is How I’m Living

How do I stay positive when life gets ‘real’? Believe me, it wasn’t and isn’t always easy but this is how I’m living; not in any specific order:

I know I need God in my Life.

I realize I’m a work in progress every day I change for the better.

I stopped thinking everything was a direct attack against me.

I stopped worrying about what the world thought about me and started thinking about how I felt about me.

I understand you can’t please everyone but you can please yourself all the time.

I stopped being so judgmental towards myself…Only God can judge me.

I changed the circle of people I chose to be around.

I allowed myself to be held accountable AND take responsibility for MY actions.

I stopped complaining and started doing something to change my situation.

I realized I have a greater purpose in life and negativity prevents me from reaching it.

I chose to learn and grow from my past instead staying stuck in it.

I have love for SELF so others will know how to love me.

I feel the most positive when I’ve shared a shared some knowledge, helped or inspired someone.

These were and are the steps I took and continue to take to strive to be a better me. I invest in myself daily. Being positive is a choice. Life is about choices, not blame. We all have the choice to think, speak, act & live in a positive manner. I make a conscious choice to stay away from negativity. ©

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‪‎I’m Still Learning‬ how to Stop Play the Victim

It took some time and I still back slide but I’ve learned to look at myself when relationships don’t turn out the way I want them to. I’m always quick to point out the other person’s flaws & mistakes without looking at myself to see how I contributed to the failure of the relationship. You can stand back & think/say you did everything right but truth is you didn’t. It takes two to make a relationship work & fail.

Some of my flaws are I don’t speak up right away when someone over steps my personal boundaries but when they call me out for my misstep I pop off & list everything they’ve done to me catching them off guard & unable to defend or apologize for the offense because they have already forgotten about it… I find it extremely hard to forgive which is a death sentence to any relationship… I’ve been single too long & sometimes I just don’t want to compromise or put forth the effort.. I stay in the relationship way past it’s expiration date.. I fall for men who are unavailable whether emotionally, mentally or physically… I’m too damn independent & sometimes forget to let the man be in charge

We all do something to cause our relationships to fail we just choose to ignore it but I challenge you to be real with yourself, stop playing the victim, own up to the bull we dish out & make efforts to change so the next relationship will be the best & the last.

I have a page on face called I’m Still Learning. This is where I have been posting lately.


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Dear John

I’m sorry I’ve been distant these past few weeks but I just needed to sort some things out. I believe it’s best for me to go back to how I was and just focus on the kids and nothing else. I thought I could do the casual sex, friends with benefits thing but it’s not for me. I want someone to cuddle and kiss without it leading to sex. I want visits because he wants to actually see me, talk with me, spend some time around me not because it’s his weekly sex visit. I said I wanted a relationship without the commitment but that’s contradictory to what I actually need. I need some level of commitment, not on the level of being exclusive but committed to spending time together outside of the bedroom getting to know one another to see if we could be exclusive. I want someone who thinks I’m worth making time for. So once again let me apologize because this situation is completely my fault. You were simply following my lead not realizing I was leading us off a cliff. Hopefully I haven’t scarred you too much mentally and you won’t make the next lady you are interested in suffer for the craziness I put you through.

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