Work Life Balance

My friends are always talking about the need to have a balance between work and life especially when you have a highly stressful career and I read the same thing in magazine, newspapers, online etc. I think its easy for people to talk about it but to try and actually find that balance is not always easy and I wasn’t able to achieve it at my previous job until I resigned.

I tried the work from home strategy with my ex-employer but it just created more problems for me. When I worked from home I actually worked longer hours and spent more time on emails and phone calls than I did at work mainly because I was trying to show everyone that I was actually working and not goofing off. Even my family and friends didn’t understand that although I was home I was still working so people kept dropping in or bringing their kids over for me to watch. I did put my foot down and set strict time slots when they could visit and they definitely couldn’t bring their kids but that didn’t do much to help my relationship with them. I also had problems with associates thinking it was ok to call me at 7am even though our workday didn’t start until 9am but they thought oh well I’m home so why not call and get a head start on the work day.

I think the main problem was I was working for a company where the top executives were older than me and their children were already grown so they could no longer relate to me. They didn’t understand my child still needed me and there were more important things than work. Eventually the stress became too much and I resigned and ended up taking a big pay cut with a longer commute but gained the balance I needed. I think the success I’m having with my new company is the owners and top executives are still raising their children so they can relate to me not coming in since my child is sick & I can’t find a babysitter because they had the same problem a week ago. It’s a much more family oriented work environment they expect you to do the work but they also allow you to be a mom.

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To Lie or Not to Lie

Some job seekers may think its ok to lie just to get their foot in the door but those lies can and do come back to haunt you. The top items job seekers mostly lie about are their job responsibilities, skills and educational background. Companies are aware job seekers do this which is why they now have pre-employment test and the verification process has been extended to more than just verifying where you worked but what you actually did there. If you get past the interview stage you may think it’s not a big deal to embellish these areas but it can cause a problem when you start the job and have no idea what you’re doing. If the company doesn’t fire you they have to spend extra time and money training you on the skills needed instead of just showing you their process. Time equals money so the company is losing money when they do this and now they don’t view you in a positive light which can make your working environment extremely hard.

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