How You Feeling? I’m Fine

Question: How are you feeling?

Thoughts: I believe in life there are several rock bottoms; a point in your life where you’re so low that as cliché as it sounds the only choice you have is to go up cause you can’t get any lower. However, what happens when your rock bottom is a death of loved one. What happens when you weren’t prepared for that death and it drags you to the lowest point of your life. How do you resolve your feelings when you can’t change the situation. How do you go on & continue to be happy when you have this guilt, that the person whose always there for you, always happy for you isn’t there.

How can you be happy when that person’s life is at a permanent stand still. Even though it’s irrational thinking & you shouldn’t think this way & that person would want you to be happy; how can you enjoy any type of success or plan for your future when the person who’s always by your side is gone. What do you do when your cheering squad no longer cheers. How do you get rid of the sadness and guilt that you’re still alive. How can you be truly and genuinely happy & smile without bursting into tears when you think of that person.

Answer: I’m Fine

Thoughts: I keep it all inside because I rather the pain destroys me than everyone else.

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In There Time


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Be Mindful of the Company You Keep


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Dare 2 Be You


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Life is Messy


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Tomorrow is NEVER Guaranteed

Do not be a talker. Be a doer. Be someone who does things with their life and not just someone that says they will. Stop moving through life as the living dead and actually live. Take that cruise you’ve always wanted to go on; buy the outfit you keep looking at; take a class and learn something new; turn your hobby into a side business.

When I die I want a two page eulogy & have everyone in the church saying well damn she had an exciting life or wow i didn’t know she did that. People will be amazed at all things i accomplished and did in my life and those who did them with me will have tons of happy memories to remember me by. We are all given just one life make it a great one!

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Be the Change

You are the creator of your world so my task for everyone reading this is be the change you want to see in your life. Don’t wait for someone else to make your dreams a reality. Find something you love doing and do it.

  • Plan Prep Proceed
    Take some time to sit down and plan out the vision for your life.
  • Prepare yourself for the journey by learning what you need to do to put your plan in action.
  • Proceed with your plans with the understanding that there will be setbacks and road blocks so be prepared for detours. Detours are adventures; another life lesson to use in your journey to fulfill your vision.

Ask for and accept help when needed; we don’t know everything and we can’t do everything on our own. However, ultimately this journey will be a lonely one because your vision is yours and not everyone will see it or understand and that’s ok it wasn’t meant for them.

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Be a GIFT to Yourself

I have great hope for those who read this. I hope you find true meaning, contentment, and passion in your life. I hope you find whatever balance you seek in your life and any difficulties you encounter on the way leave you mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger.b-a-gift

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I Know Your Life Ain’t EZ

I know your heart is hurting. I know you feel like nobody understands. I know you feel alone in your struggle. I know you’re tired of pretending like everything is OK. You tell people you’re fine, but on the inside you’re screaming out for help. The thought of tomorrow doesn’t bring you joy because you feel your best days are in your past. Fear drives your thoughts, not faith. The fear life won’t get better. The fear loneliness will never leave your presence. The fear your prayers aren’t received. DON’T LET FEAR TAKE YOUR LIFE.

I know it sounds cliche but be thankful for your struggle because it’s making you stronger than ever. Your perseverance in times of despair shows others they can make it. I know you can’t see it right now, but you provide HOPE for so many lives. Someone is always watching you be it your child, niece nephew sister or friend someone is silently looking to you for guidance, strength, and hope that things will get better. You are the LIGHT in someone’s life. You are the reason someone woke up today. YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Do not let life struggles blind you to this fact.

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My Life

My life is an AMAZING journey & I alone am responsible for the quality of it. I regret NOTHING even the situations that ended badly.

Never regret anything in your life; it cannot be changed, undone, or forgotten so take it as a lesson learned and move on.

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